The Jerte Valley picota season kicks off with an ‘Excellent Quality’ harvest

The picota season has recently started and it is expected that 4-5 million kilos of “excellent quality” picota cherries are being harvested, according to Clara Prieto, president of the Regulatory Council of PDO Jerte Cherries.

The harvest forecast is lower than expected in other years due to an alteration in flowering as a consequence of the meteorological irregularities that we are experiencing.

However, their quality would be higher since the weather conditions are estimated to be favourable at the time of harvesting; stable weather and no rain. According to Prieto, the objective of this year’s season is for the final consumer to be able to recognise picota cherries from the Jerte Valley and differentiate them from other varieties of cherries sold as picota cherries. For this reason, it is essential to use the quality seal of the PDO of Spain and Europe, which appears on the back label.

The Jerte Valley picota season kicks off with an "Excellent Quality" harvest

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