El Valle del Jerte and La Vera are two adjacent valleys located in the North of Extremadura, Spain.

These two valleys are famous in all of Europe for their cherries, since their lands are used to grow cherries from 400 metres to 1200 metres above sea level, having built a tiered landscape so typical that every spring it is dressed in white when the cherry trees blossom.

In el Valle del Jerte and La Vera we can find more than five million cherry trees. In spring, these cherry trees in blossom are an unique attraction for thousands of visitors that come to enjoy the sight of the Cherry in Blossom.

Approximately a month and half after, the first cherries can be seen and up to two and half months after we do not see the picota cherries. Authentic cherries made from the sun of the south of Europe, that slowly mature to become the sweetest of its category.

The landscape of el Valle del Jerte and La Vera os a terraced landscape, that were hand-built many generations ago to optimise the terrain, and this custom has been traditionally kept. The farmers properties are small holdings, found among oak groves, gorges of crystalline water and small rural towns in which is savoured at a different pace.