Jerte Cherries to be exported to UK within the next two weeks
Jerte cherries exported

Jerte cherries are a unique and delicious fruit that have gained worldwide recognition because of their exceptional taste and quality. These cherries are grown in the beautiful Jerte Valley in Spain, where they are carefully tended to by local farmers using traditional and sustainable methods. Due to their high demand, Jerte cherries are now being exported to countries like the United Kingdom and Germany, where they are highly valued for their flavor and texture.

These premium quality fruits are the perfect choice for a range of culinary applications, including baking, cooking, and snacking. They are also rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that are essential for maintaining good health.

Over the next two weeks, it is expected that high volumes of cherries will allow its export to the UK and Germany, two of the main customers of Jerte cherries. This year, as a new development, the United Kingdom will be the third importing country, which will generate an increase in export costs.
This is great news to UK-based importers or retailers looking to stock up on Jerte cherries, that the export season is now underway. With volumes expected to reach their peak in the next two weeks, now is the perfect time to place their orders and secure their supply of these exceptional cherries.
More specifically, the campaign will extend, as every year, until mid-July or early August, when the Jerte cherry, the most coveted of all varieties, is harvested.